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The Rishis (sages), who dictated those Nadis, were gifted with such a remarkable foresight that they accurately foretold the entire future of all mankind. Many scholars in different parts of India have in their safekeeping several granthas influential family of Valluvar community at Vaitheeswarankoil in the Tanjore .

Initially, Nadi Astrology predictions was thought to be just writing on Astrology, but soon it became evident that the scriptures contained some unique predictions of specific natives, who will come seeking them, at a particular stage of their lifetime...

Know your future By just giving your thumb impression , your name, your father name your motherís name , marital status , careers , business , prospects,solution to problems faced by you and your family members, solutions for health related problem , your education prospects , status for your foreign visits , your capacity to earn money, any legal problems faced by you committed in your last birth and its consequence in your present birth and solutions to rectify it and many more aspects of your life. The answers to all this are found in ancient palm leaves (SOUTH INDIAN SHASTRA) , written two thousand years before by MAHARSHI SRI AGASTHIYA.

The Rishis of ancient I india applied their minds and discovered many parts and sciences for the well being of future generation of mankind . once such science is astrology . there are several branches in astrology . of one is horoscopy i.e. casting & reading of horoscope based on the position of planets at the time of birth of a person and the movements of planet across the zodiac. This is well developed science as evidenced from ancient manuscripts like brigu samjota , jathaka parihetha etc. paimistry numerology and nadi reading are the other disciplines .